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Off the Circuit: 10/22 Edition

October 22nd, 2009 · No Comments

Can you believe it’s nearly Halloween?  And that there are really only about seven weeks of class left in the Fall semester?  I sure can’t (though I won’t turn it down, either.)  It’s been a pretty productive first half, though we’ve certainly had our share of technology’s unruly side.  Email blocklists, anyone?
Of course, WC’s tech tantrums are hardly even approaching the weirdness found in the tangled Web of cyberspace.  And so we bring you this installment of Off the Circuit:
  1. Turn off the world, turn on the visions? Tripping the light fantastic may not run you afoul of the law, says Wired. A research study locked participants who had been screened as either more or less likely to experience hallucinations in a sensory deprivation chamber.  After just fifteen minutes, nearly all involved reported having “important” experiences ranging from evil visitors to heightened senses.  Maybe this is why we feel so compelled to turn the computer off at the end of the workday? (Wired Science)
  2. Celebrate Windows 7 – with a heart attack! Burger King Japan is – inexplicably – getting excited about the release of Microsoft’s newest operating system.  And they want to share the excitement with you by offering up a 7 layer Whopper.  If you’d like to personally try to suss out the connection between Windows and meat, you can pay just ¥1450 to get started.  (Engadget)
  3. Newsflash: Internet trolls think they are right. In yet another case of university funded research proving what we already know to be obvious, people that hold extreme positions believe that they are right and in the majority.  Their shrill tone?  Expression of their belief in having a duty to express said extremism. A brief trip into the comments on any blog or news site could have cleared this up for free. (io9)

Have a happy haunted season.  Check back before the turkey binge of ’09!

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